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Teen/Xcel Gymnastics

Ages 12+

Teen/Xcel Gymnastics is a competitive program for girls ages 12 and up and offers athletes an opportunity to train with girls their own age and level. This program is geared towards gymnasts who would like a competitive experience without the time commitment or strict requirements of the CCP program. This program has 5 levels that allows participation by athletes whose skill levels range from beginner to advanced. The Teen/Xcel programs purpose is to allow gymnasts the opportunity to continue to develop their skills in an empowering and positive team environment.

Girls in the Teen/Xcel program learn personalized routines which meet specific criteria set by their level. Gymnasts perform their routines for a panel of judges and receive a score out of 10 based on technical execution, meeting specific requirements and general artistic quality. Athletes are then ranked with the other gymnasts in their level, with the top 3 scoring athletes receiving medals and 4th-8th place receiving ribbons for all 4 events as well as all around. While gymnasts are not guaranteed to receive an award, most girls see it as a reason to work even harder to continue to improve their skills.

Gymnasts in the Teen/Xcel Program attend 2-5 competitions throughout the year some of which will require travel throughout

the Okanagan and Lower Mainland.

Gymnasts may enter our Teen/Xcel program with little or no previous experience. This is ideal for teens who are wanting to try a new sport as well as those who would like more challenge than the recreational program.


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