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Tumbling Team - NOT AVAILABLE at this time.

Ages 8+

Tumbling Gymnastics is an event in Trampoline Gymnastics where athletes compete 2-3 power tumbling passes down a rod spring floor. Tumbling focuses on power, speed and form as gymnasts perform connected passes of either 3, 5 or 8 tumbling skills depending on level.

Our tumbling team is comprised of athletes who are on one of our artistic competitive teams, as well as athletes who exclusively do competitive tumbling. Gymnasts who are competitive artistic gymnasts are required to attend one 2-hour tumbling class per week. Athletes who exclusively tumble are required to attend a minimum of two 2-hour tumbling classes per week.

Athletes on our competitive tumbling team are required to attend at least 1 competition as well as Provincial Championships in Level 1-2 and 2 competitions as well as Provincial Championships in Levels 3+.

Athletes must have a strong round-off backhandspring connection in order to join the tumbling team. 

For more information and to schedule an assessment please email us at or submit an assessment form.

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