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Xcel Team

Ages 6+

As of September 2020, Gymnastics BC adopted the USAG Xcel Competitive program to replace the previously offered Interclub Performance Plus and Performance Challenge categories. This program acts as a bridge between the Gymnastics For All Interclub Performance and Women's Artistic Gymnastics CCP Competitive programs.

The Xcel program is an alternative competitive program offering flexibility to coaches and gymnasts with less strict skill requirements compared to the traditional CCP competitive program. This allows gymnasts the opportunity for a competitive experience with less training hours making it perfect for the multi-sport athlete. It's goal is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels with the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

The Xcel Competitive program is geared towards gymnasts that want to take their skills, training and commitment past the level of recreational gymnastics without the time commitment or strict skill requirements of the CCP Competitive Program. 

Gymnasts ages 6 and up have the opportunity to be a part of a team, learn and master routines and have the chance to attend competitions.

In the 2020/2021 Inaugural season, the first three divisions of the Xcel program was adopted; bronze, silver and gold.  Platinum & Diamond level have since been added allowing athletes to continue to build on their skill set.


Gymnasts in the Bronze and Silver groups will learn routines set by their group on each apparatus and gymnasts in the Gold/Platinum and Diamond groups will receive personalized routines.


At competitions girls will be grouped by division and ranked based on their score with 1st-3rd receiving medals and 4th-10th (based on number of athletes per award category) receiving ribbons. In divisions with a large number of participants, athletes will be split based on birth years.

Bronze  groups train 2 times per week for 2 hours per training session, Silver groups train 2 times per week for 2 hours per training session, our Gold group trains 2 times per week for 2.5 hours per training session (optional 3rd day) and our Platinum and Diamond athletes train 3 times per week for 2.5 hours per training session.


 All Xcel Team gymnasts must participate in the Kelowna Invitational (hosted by Synergy in February) as well as the Fun In The Sun Invitational (hosted by Synergy in June). In addition gymnasts may choose to participate in their choice of 1-5 additional competitions located in the Okanagan/Lower Mainland. 

Xcel larger group_edited.jpg

The Xcel Competitive program is a 10-month program running from September-June with at least 1-2 mandatory week of training camp in the summer. In the event of unforeseen Synergy closure/class cancellation, tuition will be put on hold/adjusted accordingly.

Athlete assessment required for entry into all levels of our Xcel programs.

Our Xcel entry level Bronze  groups are comparable in skill level to our Foundations Level 2 classes or  girls who already have a cartwheel, handstand, bridge and forward roll. In addition gymnasts should be able to keep tight body, take corrections and follow instructions, be motivated to improve their strength and flexibility and be ready to work hard and have fun each class. 

Book your assessment under the Team Placement tab.


Xcel Program: Age 6 - 17

Please note that the age cut-off for our Xcel program is December 31st 2017. Tuition is amortized for the session and takes into account closures due to all stat holidays, Christmas Break & Spring Break

Please note that Friday/Saturday classes will be closed the weekend of our Kelowna Invitational Competition in mid February and the weekend of our Fun In The Sun Invitational in June (Dates to follow when confirmed). 

Registration is for the entire 10 month session and tuition is broken into equal monthly payments listed below.

 In the event of unforeseen Synergy closure/class cancellation, tuition will be put on hold/adjusted accordingly.


Team Assessments & Placements July to August 25th for new Team members. 

Use 'Team Placement' tab to book yours today.

All Xcel gymnasts are required to purchase a tank-style team suit (~$125), annual admin fee ($15) and annual Gymnastic BC Competitive Membership (~$165).


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