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Ages 2-5

Gymnastics for girls ages 2-5. The purpose of the Pre-Foundations program is to teach girls the fundamental skills required to enter our Team programs in the future.

 1 day/week session-long classes (3-4 months).


Ages 4.5-11

Introductory gymnastics for girls ages 4.5-11. The purpose of the Foundations program is to teach girls the fundamental skills required to enter our Team programs in the future. 1 day/week session-long classes (3-4 months).


Ages 4-6

The Developmental Pre-Team program allows girls with little to no experience the opportunity to learn their foundation skills with the added excitement of being on a team and performing skill-level appropriate routines at local meets in a non-competitive environment. 1 day/week, 10month program (September-June). 

Xcel Team

Ages 6 and up

The Xcel Competitive Team program is for girls who want to be a part of a dynamic team environment, attend competitions and expand their gymnastic opportunities beyond typical recreational gymnastics programs without the time commitment of traditional competitive gymnastics. 

Groups for girls from beginner to advanced skill level. 1-2 days/week, 10 month program (September-June).

 JO Competitive Team

Ages 4-17

The JO Competitive Program is for girls who are passionate about taking their gymnastics to a higher level. Focuses on skill technique, artistry and performance in a competitive team format. The JO Competitive Team programs allows girls to reach their maximum skill potential while being part of a supportive team environment. 

High School Gymnastics Team

Ages 12-17

The High School Competitive program offers girls a unique opportunity to participate in a competitive program (representing their school) without the time commitment required for the JO program. Focuses on technique, artistry & performance in a multi-team environment.

Adult Gymnastics Team

Ages 18 and up

The Adult Gymnastics program allows woman the opportunity to learn new skills and stay active regardless of skill level or previous experience. It promotes lifelong participation in our amazing sport. Participants in our Adult Gymnastics program have the option to attend several meets throughout the year should they choose.

Join Our Team!

We recommend that all girls regardless of whether they have any previous gymnastics experience schedule an assessment to ensure placement in the correct level/group.

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