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CCP Competitive

Ages 4-25

The Canadian Competitive Program (CCP) (Formerly the JO Program) was developed with the belief that all athletes must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely to higher levels. This program is geared towards gymnasts who want to take their technique, commitment, training hours and future skill development beyond what the other programs can provide. This program allows gymnasts to advance at their own pace, competing in more than one competitive level in the year if they have mastered all of the required skills. As gymnasts move through the CCP levels more competitive opportunities become available to them including Provincial Championships, BC Winter Games, Westerns and National Championships. This is a program for girls with a strong work ethic who enjoy competing, want to develop high-level gymnastic skills and are committed to training 3 times a week or more. Artistic gymnastics at this level requires regular attendance, continued progression and long term commitment. Our competitive program strives to provide quality gymnastics in a positive, safe and enjoyable environment while supporting athletes in their physical, mental and social development.

Our youngest girls (CCP 1/2) are in a 10-month program (September-June with optional August training) and train 3-6 hours per week. Once our gymnasts get to higher levels (CCP 2/3 and up), they train with us 3 or more times per week for a total of 7.5-20 hours, in a year-round program.


The CCP program is comprised of 10 levels; 5 levels in the Compulsory Program and 5 levels in the Optional Program. Levels 1-5 are part of the compulsory program and gymnasts learn set routines on all 4 apparatus. These routines provide a focus on strong technique and foundation skills. At competitions all girls perform the same routine with the highest score going to the gymnast that performed the routine with the best technique and execution. Levels 6-10 are part of the optional artistic program and gymnasts learn personalized routines which meet specific criteria set by their level. 


Gymnasts in CCP 1* and CCP 2* are judged on all 4 events by a panel of judges and are given a score out of 10 based primarily on technical execution. Athletes in these levels are often not ranked and instead receive awards depending on their individual score; scores under 8 receiving bronze, scores between 8.0 and 8.99 receiving silver and scores 9.0 and over receiving gold. All gymnasts receive a ribbon for each event as well as their earned all-around medal. Gymnasts in CCP 3 and up are judged on all 4 events by a panel of judges and are given a score out of 10 based on technical execution, meeting specific requirements and general artistic quality. Athletes in these levels are ranked in their respective category (age and level), with the top 3 scoring athletes receiving medals and 4th-8th or 10th receiving ribbons for all 4 events (vault, bars, beam and floor) as well as all-around. While gymnasts are not guaranteed to receive an award, most girls see it as a reason to work even harder to continue to improve their skills.

* At select competitions and the Compulsory Provincial Championships, CCP 1-2 gymnasts who are born in or before 2016 will be scored and ranked similar to CCP 3 and up. All gymnasts born in 2017 or later are not ranked.


Gymnasts in the competitive program must attend the Kelowna Invitational (hosted by Synergy in February), the Fun In The Sun Invitational (hosted by Synergy in June) as well as Provincial Championships if they qualify. Gymnasts have the option of choosing/attending 2-6 additional meets throughout the year, some of which require out of town travel. Additionally Gymnasts who qualify for Provincial Championships, BC Winter Games and Western Championships through excellent performance at qualifying competitions are required to attend.

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