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Summer Training Camps and Programs

Registration OPEN!

Camps at Synergy is a great way for girls to try-out our amazing sport or for current gymnasts to continue their training over the summer. All of our camp run Monday-Thursday.


Gymnastics BC insurances is required for all gymnasts. If attending only 1 week of camp: $18.50 Casual insurance. If attending 2+ weeks of camp at any GymBC gym: $47 Annual Insurance (Good until August 31st 2023). Please note that the casual insurance is not available to gymnasts who previously purchased the Casual insurance at ANY BC club between September 2022 and August 2023. Gymnasts who have purchased Annual insurance through any BC club after September 2022 will not need to purchase additional insurance.


Pre-Foundations/Pre-Team Summer Week-long Classes  (ages 3-5)

Sorry - 2023 Dates coming soon.

There will be a maximum of 6 participants per coach.

Artistic Gymnastics Summer Training Camp  (ages 6+)

Registration OPEN!

How are camps at Synergy different?

Our training camps are completely dedicated to helping girls improve their gymnastic skills. Unlike many other gymnastic camps we don't use fillers ,such as crafts, to fill the time. This allows gymnasts more time to work on skills and improve. Our artistic camps are open to gymnasts of all levels, age 6 and up,  including those in Foundations, Pre-Interclub, Interclub, Pre-Comp, 

 Xcel Bronze-Platinum and CCP Levels 1-9 .

*Please note that gymnasts must be 6 years old by December 31st 2023


Artistic Gymnastics  Training Camp - Week 1 - July 10th - 13th - 9:00am - 12:00pm - $225 + tax

Artistic Gymnastics Training Camp - Week 3 -  July 24th - 27th - 9:00am -12:00pm - $225 + tax

Artistic Gymnastics Training Camp - Week 6 - August 14th - 17th - 12:00 - 3:00pm - $225 + tax - FULL

Artistic Gymnastics Training Camp  - Week 7 - August 21st - 24th - 12:00-3:00pm - $225 + tax

Summer Tumbling Training Camps :

Registration OPEN!

Tumbling- Beg/Int: For gymnasts who can ALREADY DO a cartwheel, handstand,​ forward roll and bridge and are working on their round-off and handsprings on the floor. Athletes 6 yr & up

Tumbling Beg/Int - Week 2 - July 17th - 20th - 9:30-11:30am - $165 + tax

Tumbling-Int/Adv: For gymnasts who can ALREADY DO at least a round-off back handspring 

and a front handspring on floor without assistance. Athletes 7 yr & up

Tumbling Int/Adv - Week 3 - July 24th - 27th - 9:00-11:30am - $195 + tax

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