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Join Our Team!

2023-24 Synergy Team placement assessments date:  ongoing until August 25th.

We are looking for hard working, talented and enthusiastic girls to join the Synergy Gymnastics Team. Entry into our programs is placement or private assessment (don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds). If there are spots remaining after open placements we open them up to girls via private assessments, done on a first come first serve basis. 

We do private assessments from June-mid September for programs starting in August or September and from December to mid January for programs starting in January.

How to Join the Synergy Team!

1. Read through the program overview pages on the website to decide if our team may be a good fit for your family.

2. Attend an assessment session. 

     This will allow us to assess which group would be 

     the most appropriate for your gymnast's current skill level. We offer team programs for gymnasts of all levels and ages.

          To register for Team placement  assessment on June 11th -   click here

          To set up a private assessment click here

3. After your try-out or assessment we will contact   

    you via email. We will provide information on all  

    program options we feel your athlete would be suited for. 

    Please read these documents and if you decide that it would   be a good fit for your family simply sign and return the  forms to us to reserve your spot.

4. Join our team for a fun, challenging and exciting 


Synergy Gymnastics Centre is not a non-profit and as a result our monthly tuition is not subsidized.  Families who qualify are encouraged to apply to the following organizations for financial assistance. Click on the logo of for more information.

#160-1979 Windsor Road, Kelowna

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