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Join the Synergy Team!

Group assessment will take place June 11th for new entry to our Pre-Team, Interclub and Competitive Xcel & CCP Groups

Synergy Gymnastics is always happy to add new talented, hard-working gymnasts to our Team. An assessment is required for any girl who is interested in the following programs: Pre-Team, Interclub Performance, Xcel Competitive and CCPCompetitive. Please read the program descriptions on the appropriate pages and contact us if you have any questions about whether a Synergy Team Program is the right fit for you!

Group Assessment Schedule (June 11th 2023): 

 *Please note that ages are as of December 31st 2023*

  9:30-11:30am    Ages 5-17: all skill levels (beginner-advanced)


    *Min - Girls should be able to do fwd rolls, lever/handstand touch, bridge and cartwheel on the floor,       an assisted pullover/kickover on the bars and be comfortable on the balance beam.

 Please note: If registration numbers are high an additional assessment time may be added.

 Girls who have previous competitive/competition experience are encouraged to set up a private    assessment instead of participating in the group assessment session.

Entry into all programs, besides Foundations, is done thru try-outs and assessments only. This ensures that all gymnasts are placed in the best possible group to be continually challenged as well as develop the bond of being a part of a team. When placing gymnasts into groups our coaches consider many factors including current skill level, work ethic, strength and flexibility, attitude, coachability, age and future goals. 

We believe that meeting and assessing each gymnast who enters our team allows us to ensure a positive experience for every girl on the Synergy Team. After all at Synergy, gymnasts are not only joining a class, they are joining our team/family.

A group assessment session will be held on Sunday June 11th. Participation in the group assessment is $10. Please click the link below for more information and to register.

In the event that a gymnast is unable to attend our group assessment day, private assessments may be schedules for a $20 fee, payable in cash at the beginning of the assessment.

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